membership fee fukuoka|ご利用料金について(福岡)

■ Club Membership Type

membership fee fukuoka
  Fukuoka Facility
Other Locations Personal Training
Extra charge
TOTAL Workout
Executive Membership
All Facilities Available Coupon book
and single
ticket available
Free Extra charge Free
TOTAL Workout
All Facilities Available Coupon book
and single
ticket available
Partially Free Extra charge Extra charge
TOTAL Workout
Fukuoka Membership
All Facilities Unavailable Single ticket
Extra charge unavailable Extra charge

・Service charge for alternation registration is free of charge for the first time, but ¥1,100 will be charged from the second time.
・You will need to make necessary procedure by written form, when changing your membership type. We do not acceptyour registration by telephone.
・If registration to alter the membership type is not submitted within 6 months of admission, TOTAL Workout member (¥ 22,000) will automatically be renewed as TOTAL Workout Executive member (¥ 22,000), as TOTAL Workout Fukuoka member (¥ 11,000) will automatically be renewd as TOTAL Workout Fukuoka member (¥ 11,000).


athletic treatment membership

・If TOTAL Workout Executive Membership: ¥8,800 / month
・Athletic Treatments available before and after personal training courses.
・Athletic Treatment may not be avaliable depending on operation hours.
・When taking a personal training course, an athletic treatment is avaliable for ¥2,200 / a time for non-Athletic treatment members as well.(Athletic treatment members have priority.)


Category Single Ticket 6 Tickets 10 Tickets
Superior Personal Trainer 7000 ¥7,700 ¥42,350 ¥69,300
Senior Personal Trainer 6000 ¥6,600 ¥36,300 ¥59,400
Personal Trainer
¥5,500 ¥30,250 ¥49,500
Personal Trainer
¥4,400 ¥24,200 ¥39,600

・The difference in prices by category is based on differences in career of respective personal trainers. The training contents and duration of the training session will be the same for all categories.
・Reservations are required for all personal training courses. Reservations accepted by telephone. Reservation accepted until an hour prior to the requested time.
・Reservations may not be accepted for desired times due to the reservation status. ・In case of cancellation on the day of the reservation, one (1) personal training course fee will be charged.
・Rescheduling the reservation time of the personal training course on the day of reservation will be accepted only if the change is made more than 1 hour prior to the reserved time. However, it will be accepted only if the alternative time is available.
・One (1) personal training course fee will be charged for any cancellation when an alternative time was unavailable or the cancellation was made less than 1 hour before the appointed time.
・Two (2) reservations at a time can be made per member.
・The regular personal training course will be conducted by one (1) personal trainer with two (2) members. However, it will be one-on-one training for the first and second time per member. (The personal training fee will not change depending on number of members per trainer.
・Cash is accepted when purchasing 6 tickets and/or 10 tickets, (Credits cards are not accepted.) No refund and transferring to others will beaccepted. The tickets are only accepted at the gym where tickets were purchased.


visitor fukuoka

・Using Club under TW visitor is limited to one time only, but coming with existing member, one may use the Club a number of times.
・Prior reservation and personal training ticket will be needed for having personal training.
・To use other TOTAL Workout gym, one must pay visitor (using club) charge of ¥ 3,300 (applies only TOTAL Workout Fukuoka member)