Subsidiary function program of Weight Training and Speed Training.


CFT(Core Functional Training)is a twisting movement using balance ball, which enhances functionality of body trunk.


CET(Core Endurance Training) enhances endurance by increasing volume of usable body trunk using your own body weight, while stimulating slow muscle fiber.


TRX Strengthens body trunk, and enhances endurance, by using SUSPENSION, which keeps off-balance condition at all times, while keeping body trunk balance.


Under the training using Spinner, it is very hard to control your body, since you eventually go into a presence of oxygen-free condition. By continuing your training under such circumstances, you’ll be able to strengthen body trunk stability, and enhance endurance of body trunk.


CAT(Core Acceleration Training) can obtain the growth of the muscle at an accelerated speed, by using three dimensional vibration machine called Power Plate, which adds power from various directions and angles, as a result it can receive 2~6 times gravity to your muscle from usual training.