strong and beautiful body is made from taking proteins.

Aren't you misunderstanding that eating many vegetables are the only best choice for your body?
In reality, we are not consuming enough protein. Protein is essential for your muscle, hair, and nail. This is a needed component for your body and metabolic activity.
If we don't take enough protein, we lose healthy skin, hair and reduce in muscle. With muscle loss, your metabolism lowers and makes it easy to gain weight.

Protein food, with high protein, low fat, low sugar materials.

We provide high protein, low-fat, and low carbohydrate side dish, which is very helpful for a person having meal control. Also, you’ll enjoy the taste and volume of this healthy menu

The menu changes twice a week and we prepare menus like curry and chiffon cake. Adjacent to Roppongi Hills, as it attracts many office workers on weekdays, and tourists on the weekends. So, please stop by. In addition, we prepare TOTAL Workout Cafe space (booth) in all gym, to provide protein in easy way for the customers.