I want to change the concept of training in Japan – Kevin Yamazaki

The main purpose of training is to have useful body and acquire higher ability for each and every one, instead of building muscular body.
First of all, make a base with weight training. Then, let the nervous system out to the muscle having made with speed training, and lastly, enjoy sports with the body that you made up.  Make a body with full of enjoyment, with a personal trainer.


“At Least 3 Weeks” ―Changing your body with a training of 3 times a week・one hour a day

This three week is a period which the body will adapt to the environment in athletic physiology.
In other words, “TIME” is needed for adaptation, as opposed to number of times you train. Environment in which training hard for three weeks on three times a week・one hour a day basis, with nutritious considerations, will help renew your body. Of course, continuous moderate training and nutritious considerations will be important to maintain your renewed body.


“Controlling Body Fat Rate” ―Changing your body, by losing body fat rate, instead of the body weight

At TOTAL Workout, reducing body fat rate efficiently by losing fat while gaining muscle. But, your muscles will not increase efficiently by training small parts of your muscles. Tighten up entire body with great balance by training large portion of thigh muscles・back muscles・and pectoral muscles.


“Training With Weights” ―Changing your body to easily burn fat by increasing basal metabolism

The amount of basal metabolism is amount of needed energy for a person to breathe and to pump his/her heart to live their lives. Above all, muscles need the most energy.
In other words, by increasing muscles with weight training, which is an anaerobic exercise, your body would be enriched with basal metabolism. Weight trained body will be enriched with basal metabolism and will be very hard for fat to stick to your body.