Preparation, aiming to improve further effect upon starting your training.

Physion MD

With "Physion MD“ (high precision muscle mass indicator) it measures “amount of muscle mass” instead of “amount of body fat”, as it can build efficient training and menu which suits your purpose, according to your current body status.

Supreme Vision

Supreme Vision can obtain excellent eyes that can promptly collect many information from wide-ranging view with a button that blinks on the board by two or more patterns. Since information absorbed from the eyes shall go through your nerve and moves your muscle, it is indispensable for the improvement of the information processing ability, in sport and your daily life.

TW Reformer(TWRF)

With an exercise machine called a Reformer, you’ll be able to acquire how to use each part of your body, in order of abdominal → shoulder blade area → extremities. You will be able to confirm key point of synchronization in slow movement, in your usual training, and eventually leads to improvement in performance.

Perfomance-up Stretch(P-up stretch)

The stretch done prior to training with the personal trainer on one-on-one, is a program aiming to expand the muscular range of motion, developed only for TOTAL Workout, by Mr. Ken Harakuma, a pioneer of Yoga. Improving your flexibility will results in improving your training result.

TW Yoga

By upgrading your flexibility and body balance, TW yoga aims to improve training, as well as performance level, through Yoga. The personal trainer guides your on one-on-one bases, to explain each and every difficult pose Yoga pose and guide you to improve such pose. Various poses can be acquired while taking right steps.


TW Pilates improves your posture as well as training effect and performance, by making center axis of the body from moving your back bone and learning how to use your body from the opinion of the functional anatomy. Furthermore, guidance from the trainer’s one-on-one guidance, not only guides with training theory, but also improves weak point of movement, as this will results in acquiring the real Pilates movement to your body.


You would stand on the slack line of rope that makes the body unstable, and repeatedly use your own weight to make movement, as this will result in learning how to use your body. As a result, stability and permanence level of the body trunk increases, effectively boost your metabolism, and it leads to a further performance improvement.